So long, Bonaire, and thanks for all the fish!

So long, Bonaire, and thanks for all the fish!

August 21, 2018 Off By barolfe

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It seems that the blog posts have begun to lag behind, which I’d like to rectify before it gets out of hand. So, here are a few updates about what’s happening on Tarka since the month or so that we last did an update.

Life on Tarka has been very busy. Noustha’s sister visited us for a week in Bonaire, and yes, there were three of us all cramped into Tarka. I’ll just say that Tarka is probably on the small side for three adults. However, I also recently learned of a Vega that sailed around the world with three adults, so I guess it’s really just a matter of personal preference. I think two is just fine for me.


Cramped into Tarka, every movement had to be discussed and coordinated.

We did some sailing, and having two people on the bow to help pick up the mooring was quite helpful!

We’ve also checked off a long list of “to-dos” in Bonaire before we left for good, and that included seeing an amazing freshwater cave. We first had to use an old halyard to descend into the darkness. Once down, we swam beneath the surface to reach the next section of the cave which was absolutely black without a dive light. We really weren’t eager to get stuck in the darkness, so we brought two lights, just in case.

Throwing the old main halyard down the hole so we could descend.

Scoping out one of the sections we had to swim under.

Plenty of really interesting and beautiful cave formations.

The last thing I did in Bonaire was finally finish my dive certification. Getting my dive ticket was part of the reason I decided to stop in Bonaire in the first place. With literally only days left on my visa before being kicked out of the country, Noustha connected me with Tama, an instructor who was willing to do my four open water dives with me at a very reasonable price. Now, I am a certified diver, so that’s pretty neat!

One thing I can do now that I’m dive certified, is help out with photoshoots like this one that Noustha did a few weeks back with a dive operation on Bonaire that works to help protect and re-establish coral around the island. We’ll share the final photo once it’s published!

Now though, we have left Bonaire and sailed to Curaçao. We have been here briefly before, but now we will be here until we’re ready to push on to Colombia. It’s a bit too early to head to San Blas still, as that area is very prone to dangerous thunderstorms this time of year, and we’ve talked to more than one cruiser who have been struck by lightning there. Being here a little while is convenient though, as Tarka needs new bottom paint, and we’ll make a few other changes to the boat while we’re at it.

Leaving Bonaire, for the very last time, and passing our good friends on Mila who took our mooring.

Up with a brand new flag, and of course, our yellow quarantine flag.

Much more has happened in the time that has passed since the blog post, and maybe I’ll get to some of it in the next update. Right now, though, I think it’s important to just try and get everyone up-to-date, and perhaps we’ll come back to the rest of it later.